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2015 PPSA International Conference: Call for Presenters and Participants

posted Nov 5, 2014, 10:45 PM by Philippine Political Science Association   [ updated Nov 5, 2014, 10:51 PM ]

2015 International Conference

Call for Presenters and Participants


Theme: Heroes and Villains


Dates: 10 – 11 April 2015


Venue: Dipolog City


It is hard not to think of politics as a game where players do their best to win and losers are thrown into the dustbin. Is politics merely a spectator sport? Are heroes and villains actually two sides of the same coin? What role does politics play in the way that ‘heroes’ and ‘villains’ are created or imagined?


The 2015 International Conference of the Philippine Political Science Association (PPSA) will explore and interrogate these two terms and how they intersect in the real world. Presentations are expected to speak to the issues surrounding as well as the locations of leadership, identity, and power. The conference aims to examine these questions from a more transdisciplinary perspective. PPSA welcomes critical and creative presentations that explore the notions of heroism and heroics as well as villainy and infamy evident in history, economics, philosophy, politics as well as pop culture and other disciplines.

About the PPSA

The Philippine Political Science Association (PPSA) continues to observe more than 50 years of path-breaking contributions to the promotion of the study of politics through the professional development of its members and academic advances made in teaching, research, and publications. The PPSA, through its activities in general and its annual conferences in particular, has continuously and critically engaged fellow academics (not only in political science but also in the other social science disciplines), policy-makers, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and social movement players as well as public intellectuals on topics touching on day-to-day political realities at the local, regional and international arenas.


A key strength of the PPSA is that it is multidisciplinary in its approaches as well as in its engagements. Thus, its members do not only include political scientists, but also sociologists, historians, and economists, among others. As with the previous PPSA conferences, the 2015 International Conference foresees the participation of around 150 academics, researchers, and public intellectuals as well as well-known policy and opinion makers and social movement and civil society players on 10 – 11 April 2015 in Dipolog City.

The Panels

This is an open call for individual presentations (especially case studies) as well as the creation of panels. Case studies need not necessarily be about the Philippines. The topics can cover (but need not be limited to) the following:


·         Everyday Heroes and Everyday Politics

·         Electoral Campaigns: Who’s the Villain and Who’s the Hero?

·         Realism: Understanding Political Evils

·         One Man’s Terrorist is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter

·         Heroes and Villains in Politics: Life Imitating Art?

·         Are Villains Failed Heroes?

·         When the Fallen become the Victors: Heroism as Victimization

·         Heroes and Villains in Asian Cultures

·         Punishment and the Justice System

·         Heroes: For Men Only?

·         The State:  Hero or Villain?

·         Whistleblowers: Heroes or Spoilers?

·         Political institutions and the making and/or unmaking of heroes and villains

·         Social movements as villains turned heroes or heroes turned villains?


In addition to the above research panels the conference also allows for pedagogical panels that can include the following:

  • Comparative Politics and Area Studies
  • Doing Action Research in Asia
  • Regional Situations (Northeast, Southeast, West, South, and Central Asian Perspectives)
  • Perspectives on Advocacy Movements
  • Ethics and Politics

Those who wish to make a presentation or convene a panel at the conference may send their proposals and other pertinent details to:

For individual presentations kindly submit your abstracts (maximum of 500 words) containing the research question(s) and research method(s) to be presented. Panel proposals should also contain a panel description of not more than 500 words, aside from the individual abstracts of the papers included in the panel. Proposals will be peer reviewed.

Deadline for abstract and panel proposals: 1 February 2015.

Notifications of acceptance of panel and paper proposals will be sent out by 28 February 2015.


Conference Fees


All participants including paper presenters and role players are required to pay the conference fee of PHP 3,500. An early bird rate of PHP 3,000 is available for all those who will register on or before 15 March 2015. Graduate students can avail of the discounted rate of PHP 2,000 upon presentation of proof of enrolment and school identification. The registration fee includes conference meals, kit, PPSA membership, and one year subscription to the Philippine Political Science Journal (PPSJ). Undergraduate students can pay PHP 1,500 inclusive of conference meals and kits only.


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