The Philippine Political Science Association (PPSA) is a non-partisan, and non-sectarian organization of academic professionals founded in 1962 to promote and support the discipline of Political Science as well as maintain and encourage contacts with similar professional or scholarly organizations in the interest of mutual enlightenment. The PPSA seeks to bring together political scientists from all as well as similar fields of inquiry and practice both within and outside the academic setting in order to expand awareness and understanding of the politics of Asia and the study of all issues in the field of Political Science by Filipino political scientists.

The PPSA publishes the Philippine Political Science Journal (PPSJ), an International Scientific Index (ISI)-accredited journal. 
The journal is devoted mainly to Philippine political issues and concerns and serves the interests of academics and practitioners in the field alike. 

First published in 1974 by the Philippine Political Science Association, the PPSJ has come out as an annual internationally peer reviewed academic journal featuring articles on various aspects of Philippine politics, government and foreign relations. 

As the leading academic journal on Philippine politics and government, the PPSJ will also provide an annual analytical review of the most significant political events and personalities in the country starting in the 2010 issue. In March 2012, the PPSJ was included in the Social Sciences Citation Index. The PPSJ is currently published bi-annually by The Taylor & Francis Group. Click here to visit our Taylor & Francis Group page.

The PPSA also conducts its annual National Conferences dealing with different themes that are relevant to the teaching and practice of politics. These conferences have become a venue for young scholars to present their works in progress, as well as for established academics to update educators throughout the country and abroad. 

The PPSA also undertakes Outreach Programs in order to disseminate relevant, novel, as well as current teaching materials and methods both to its general membership outside of Metro Manila and to other concerned educators and scholars. In 1998, the Association developed the Politics and Governance Workbook, an important pedagogical resource for teachers of undergraduate courses dealing with Philippine government and politics. The Workbook was developed with support from the Philippine Social Science Council and the Commission on Higher Education.

The PPSA became a member of the International Political Science Association (IPSA) in 1978 and is presently a regular member of the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC).